2024 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2024 WAHMR Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors


Our mission is simple:

Provide skills training that leads to safe, meaningful employment while helping companies and communities to thrive.

Our Vision is for everyone to reach their career potential, work safely and build a good life.


The Sustainable Workplace Alliance 

Expert training to support workers and help US industries comply with health and safety regulations



Bay West

Bay West began over 45 years ago as a Duluth, Minnesota-based environmental consulting firm.  We started out providing supplies and services to the mining and transportation industries of the Western Great Lakes region. We’ve since grown into a nationally recognized environmental consulting and remediation company. Our customers know us for our attention to detail, safety record, highly skilled staff, and rapid response capabilities. Today, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Bay West is led by a multidisciplinary group of professionals.

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Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is a global leader in connected safety that helps to ensure every worker gets their job done and returns home safe each day. Blackline designs and delivers leading cloud-connected software and data analytics to support our industrial personal safety and area gas monitoring solutions deployed in over 100 countries around the world. Our advanced analytics keep everyone informed in real-time, constantly connected with each other, and with live monitoring personnel.

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Center for Domestic Preparedness

The Center for Domestic Preparedness provides advanced, all-hazards training to approximately 50,000 emergency responders annually from state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, as well as the federal government, foreign governments, and private entities, as available. The scope of training includes preparedness, protection, and response.

Since it opened its doors in 1998, the CDP has trained more than 1.3 million responders.

Responders in 17 different disciplines – Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative, Hazardous Materials, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Safety Communications, Public Works, Agriculture, Education, Citizen/Community Volunteer, Information Technology, Security and Safety, Search and Rescue, and Transportation – train at the CDP.

The responders come from all 50 states and territories, as well as a number of foreign countries.

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Ferretti Salvage and Recycling, LLC

A Veteran-owned and operated company that specializes in the large equipment dismantling, salvage, metal recycling, and scrap industries putting a strong emphasis on safety and protecting the environment. Ferretti Salvage and Recycling has over 10 years of experience in the scrap and recycling field servicing industrial and commercial accounts.

First Responder HazMat Training on EV/HEV/HFC/CNG/LNG Now Available.

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DetectaChem is a Texas based company and manufacturer of rapidly deployable, handheld, intelligent and easy-to-operate detection systems. Our products provide critical information that enables threat detection for safety and security operators throughout the world. All products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

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North Shore Environmental

North Shore Environmental is an environmental contractor that provides industrial and environmental services and emergency response spill cleanup.  Our mission is to provide our clients with a higher level of responsiveness, service and safety for hazardous materials and special waste cleanup. Our success relies upon using our skills, experience and expertise to exceed the expectations of our clients while protecting their vital interests and the environment.

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ORTEC is a global manufacturer of radiation detectors and nuclear instrumentation used by government and industrial laboratories, nuclear facilities, medical research, nuclear safeguards, and homeland security professionals.  Specializing in radioisotope identification and High Purity Germanium detectors, ORTEC has been a technology leader in the nuclear field for over 50 years.  ORTEC is a global brand under the Electronics Instruments group of AMETEK.  The Company refines and grows their own HPGe crystals for radiation detectors at their manufacturing facility in Oak Ridge, TN, USA

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RKI Instruments, Inc.

RKI Instruments, Inc. is an innovative gas detection company located in Union City, California. RKI was established in 1994 by Bob Pellissier and Sandra Gallagher with the belief that customers and distributors deserve a reliable source for advanced gas detection equipment as well as solutions to specific gas monitoring applications. RKI is partnered with Riken Keiki Co. Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. In business for over 80 years, Riken has sold over 1,800,000 portable and fixed gas monitors worldwide with annual sales exceeding $220 million. They have over 700 employees, a large number of which are engineers and scientists. RKI is the exclusive North American supplier of Riken products.

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Buxus™, Latin for “pipe,” is a new mobile application designed to provide critical information on pipelines around the clock and regardless of having cell phone or Wi-Fi coverage. The idea is to immediately provide the information needed by key stakeholders at the touch of a button before and during a pipeline emergency, regardless of whether or not an in-person meeting has occurred. 

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Red Wave Technology

We are at the forefront of innovation in portable chemical threat detection for emergency and military use. Our sole focus is to provide responders around the world with high-performance tools to keep them and their communities safe from chemical threats.

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Clarey's Safety 

We take pride in our company and strive for the delivery of excellence in the products and services we provide to our customers. By being honest and ethical we strive to ensure our customers receive the best experience and knowledge in the products and services we are proud to provide. 

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THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors. 

Without your support, this conference would not be possible.