WAHMR HazMatter Award

The WAHMR Board of Directors is pleased to announce the rollout of the WAHMR HazMatter AwardNomination process:


Purpose:  To acknowledge a person’s service and/or dedication to the improvement of the hazardous materials response community.


Eligibility:  A person who has shown dedication and involvement in the HazMat Response community.


Criteria for submitting nominations:

-Nominations may be submitted by members of WAHMR, hazmat team members, federal, state and private partners, and other interested individuals. If a WAHMR Board member submits a nomination, that member shall abstain from voting.

-Nominations should be submitted to the WAHMR Board no later than 60 days before the annual conference.


How to submit a nomination: 

Complete the on-line nomination form (fillable fields):  Click Here to Submit

-Information that shall be included in the nomination submittal;

 1)  Name and affiliation of the nominee

 2)  Role the nominee has, as it relates to the HazMat response community

 3)  A narrative that describes the actions and/or involvement of the nominee, explaining why the nominator feels the nominee is deserving of the recognition.

 4) Contact information for the person submitting the nomination. This is for the ability to contact the submitter should they have follow-up questions.



Award Selection:

-The awardee is determined based upon criteria in the nomination as well as in-sight from the WAHMR Board.  The winner is determined by a majority vote of the WAHMR Board, no later than 30 days prior to the annual conference.  In the event of a tie vote, the decision will be made by the WAHMR President.


If you have any questions on the WAHMR HazMatters Award, please email us at info@wahmr.com


Thank you.

WAHMR Board of Directors